The Neighborhoods of Athens, Georgia

When considering places to move to in NorthEast Georgia, Athens stands out as the top contender. Athens, Georgia is a beautiful city about an hour north of Atlanta that holds amazing culture and value for individuals and families of all kinds. Whether you are looking to be close to the world-class University of Georgia or you want to live in culinary enthusiast’s heaven, Athens has a place for you. Like many other beautiful metropolises, Athens has several different neighborhoods that make up the city and each area adds its flair to the city. The five neighborhoods making up Athens include Downtown, Normaltown, Five Points, East Athens, and West Athens. All of these neighborhoods make up our beautiful Classic City, but what makes each neighborhood unique?

Downtown Athens

Downtown Athens, as the heart of the city, is filled with life at all times of the day and all times of the year. Downtown is filled with plenty of places to shop, dine, and be entertained. Some of Downtown’s most notable spots to enjoy are the Georgia Theater where a variety of artists and events are spotlighted for a beautiful night, along with Chuck’s Fish, a seafood and sushi restaurant with authentic cuisine and superior service. Downtown’s historic feel and Victorian architecture are sure to win you over with their touches of southern charm.


Normaltown is located about a mile away from Downtown and spans much of Prince Avenue. Normaltown is spunky and has a more retro taste than the rest of the city. Though the neighborhood is called Normaltown, it is anything but normal. This neighborhood has everything you need to enjoy an evening out at the local Normal Bar or a day running errands and enjoying lunch at Agua Linda. Normaltown’s quirky and charming amenities are nothing short of magnificent. 

Five Points

Five Points is just what it sounds like, the intersection of five streets that meet to make a haven of dining and community. Five Points is perfectly located about a mile and a half from UGA’s central campus and has a plethora of options to spend time at no matter what you like. This neighborhood has some Athens foodie favorites like Jittery Joe’s Coffee and Fully Loaded Pizza, both being great places to refuel when you need it. Five Points also has a large active community with many great fitness groups and facilities to take part in. 

West Athens

The West side of Athens has a familiar feel to all that encounter it. West Athens is home to some of your favorite chains like Trader Joe’s, Target, and even the headquarters for Zaxby’s. Many young professionals and families enjoy West Athens and its quiet nature, as it is about a ten-minute drive away from UGA’s campus. This neighborhood has great schools and many job opportunities, making it an amazing option for new and seasoned families. 

East Athens

The Eastside of Athens is home to many students and faculty of the University of Georgia due to the close proximity to campus. East Athens is a great place to enjoy a day with your family and friends with its many attractions like Southeast Clarke Park and just a short drive away is the State Botanical Gardens. East Athens has plenty of opportunities for housing with many established neighborhoods and new developments that are close to necessities like grocery stores and local eating establishments. 

With its five unique neighborhoods, Athens, Georgia has a place for everyone to call home. If you would like to explore your options for buying a home in Athens, give me, Ellen McLemore, a call today. I’ll help you find your Athens dream home. 

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