Why Athens is the Best Place for Young Families

Deciding where you want to raise your family is a big decision that faces many young couples and families. There are so many factors to consider such as housing markets, job opportunities, school systems, family activities, climate, restaurant scenes, and more. Finding a home for young families isn’t as simple as just searching for good school districts anymore, as young families are looking for places to grow with culture and good quality of life. Luckily, located about an hour and a half Northeast of Atlanta, sits The Classic City, Athens, Georgia, that is perfect for young families.

Athens is most notable for being America’s birthplace of public higher education, as it houses the first public university, the University of Georgia. Because Athens is home to the second largest University in the state of Georgia, many people think that Athens is only a college town, but the truth is that Athens is a diverse city with amazing opportunities for college students, retirees, and young families alike. Athens is the best city in Georgia for young families due to its expanding housing and job markets, local kid friendly activities, great school systems, and flourishing culture.

Athens is the best city for young families to live in Georgia. One of the massive benefits of living in a city with a big university is the job market. The Athens unemployment rate as of August 2022 is 2.9% compared to the national rate of 3.7%. There are a plethora of job opportunities in Athens with restaurant, retail, medical, education, and many other industries always hiring. 

Another huge plus for young families in Athens is availability of great schools. Clarke County School District uses a charter system for governing their fourteen elementary schools, four middle schools, and three high schools. This charter system allows the local school board and community of parents to have more of a say in decisions made in the Clarke County schools than the state government. Along with the county charter school system, Athens has eleven prestigious private schools for families who would prefer private education. 

Although Athens is a smaller city, the culture in the Classic City is robust. Athens has a diverse population with people from all walks of life, educational backgrounds, races, and ethnicities. Athens also has a booming music and arts scene that produces many renowned artists especially in the alternative and rock genres. Another huge part of the city’s culture is fall college football. Families get together through tailgates, watch parties, and stadium seating all season long to watch the 2021 National Champions Georgia Bulldogs play. As far as Athen’s culture goes, a key component is the restaurant scene. There are over one hundred restaurants in Athens and the cuisine varies from Cuban to bubble tea to burgers and much more. No matter your interests, your family will find something to love about the Athens culture. 

Finally, Athens has many activities that are family friendly to explore year-round. Athens experiences all four seasons each year so there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities for young families to spend time encountering with each other. During the summer there are multiple swimming pools and splash pads throughout the city that are very low cost to enjoy! Throughout the year, there are many free attractions to see like the Bear Hollow Zoo with rescued animals at Memorial Park, The Georgia Museum of Art, which has special programs for kids, and the State Botanical Garden run by students at the University of Georgia. Along with these attractions there are also many free or almost free parks and community centers like Sandy Creek Park, World of Wonders Park, and East Athens Community Center.

As you get ready to make big decisions for your family’s future, take a look at making the move to Athens, Georgia. This small city has all the perfect facets of a beautiful hometown for your young family. When looking for your perfect Athens home, consider Ellen McLemore Real Estate for your home buying news. Ellen cares about your family and your family’s future and knows the ins and outs of the neighborhoods in Athens and can help you find the perfect spot for your young family. We would love to chat with you about your future in Athens! Give us a call today!

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