5 Reasons You Should Retire to Athens, Georgia

Congratulations! You are finally ready to retire and settle down in a city that’s perfect for this next phase of your life. Let me tell you about this beautiful place in Northeast Georgia called Athens, also known as the Classic City. Athens is truly a wonderful city for people in all stages of life from college students to young families to retirees. I guarantee that living in Athens will be a fulfilling experience and the city will steal your heart in no time. 

Here are five reasons why you should relocate to Athens when you retire:

Cost of Living:

Athens is a very affordable city to reside in compared to many retirement destinations. The cost of living is lower than the national average and there are a lot of tax benefits that come with living in the state of Georgia. In Georgia, there are no income taxes taken out of social security claims, allowing you to claim more for your retirement. Additionally, retirees also receive tax relief on their pension income. Pensions still require income taxes to be taken out but at a lower rate than pre-retirement income. Groceries, gas, and local activities are also reasonably priced, allowing for a budget friendly retirement. 

Proximity to Major Cities:

If you need a quick getaway during your time in Athens, there is no need to stress over travel plans! Athens is conveniently located just an hour away from Atlanta where you can spend time getting to know another beautiful city of Georgia or catch a flight to visit family. Atlanta isn’t the only nearby destination. Within a four hour drive, you can get to the historic city of Savannah or a beautiful east coast beach. If you’re more of a mountain person, the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains are a quick hour drive away. 

Availability of Activities:

There are always events happening in Athens, year-round. As the home of the University of Georgia, Athens has sporting events to attend almost every week of the year, from football to baseball, to gymnastics, to basketball. Although football tickets can be more difficult to score, the rest of the events are easily accessible and tickets are affordable. Athens is also a major cultural hub for the arts and has a beautiful musical reputation. No matter what genre of music is your favorite, there will always be a live show for you to attend at the Georgia Theater, Classic Center, or the bars downtown. For those who prefer spending time in the great outdoors, Athens has beautiful parks, golf courses, and walking trails to explore!

Diverse Climate:

The weather in Athens is beautiful, especially because we get to experience all four seasons every year. The fall and spring seasons are visibly beautiful every year. The fall brings on stunning reds and oranges, while spring showcases beautiful purples and yellows throughout the city. These seasons are also known for their mild weather, making them the perfect seasons to spend time outdoors. In the winter, Athens will typically get a few snow days as well! The snow doesn’t last too long, but just the right amount of time to live in a winter wonderland. Athens summers may get hot and sunny, but it’s the perfect weather to go out and enjoy the local pools with friends or visit downtown for special events like AthFest or free shows on the rooftop of the Georgia Theater. 

Housing Options:

Finally, the options for housing in Athens are amazing. There are five different Athens neighborhoods that have different housing and culture options for different personalities and tastes. Whether you want to live in a cozy condo or a spacious house, there are so many beautiful options to choose from. Athens also has several 55+ communities that provide a great community for retirees looking to live amongst peers.  

Athens is the perfect place to relocate to when it’s your time to retire. The low cost of living, close proximity to Atlanta, availability of activities, diverse climate, and the plethora of housing options make Athens the ideal spot for your retirement. My name is Ellen McLemore, and I am a relocation specialist in Athens, Georgia that would love to help you find your dream retirement home. Give me a call, and you’ll get excellent service and excellent results in your retirement relocation journey.

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